Sins of the Heart

ISBN: 978-1-60504-035-6Length: NovelPrice: 5.50Publication Date: June 3, 2008Cover art by Dawn Seewer
One lord. One lady. One scandalous mistake. Can it all add up to love?
The icy Lord Edenstorm is the very man Lady Juliette hoped never to see again, for only he knows her true identity. One word from him to her brother and she will be locked away, hidden forever in an asylum. All for one foolish, scandalous mistake.
Still stinging from her deceitful betrayal years before and wounded by the horrors of war, Edenstorm offers to keep her secret, if she helps him catch the traitors who smuggle English gold to Napoleon.
Juliette is incensed. Her Cornish friends may be smugglers, but never traitors, and his snooping and accusations could destroy them. Furious at his blackmail, Juliette vows to risk her own life and freedom to protect the friends she trusts by leading his search astray.
But Edenstorm is not the unfeeling man she thought she knew. Nor is Juliette the faithless woman he believed her to be. As passion flares, deceit gives way to truth, and truth unleashes dangers they never suspected.
Only by turning truth into trust—and trust into love—can they hope to survive.
Warning, this title contains scandalously unmentionable conduct, including unseemly romantic encounters on which doors ought to be closed, as well as shockingly lawless adventure, risks, perils and unruly emotions in which proper ladies and gentlemen ought not to engage, as well as extremely colorful language unsuitable for those of tender years and ears, along with occasional sights and smells which could be deemed offensive to the human senses.

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