Aphrodite's Brew

“Aphrodite's Brew” by Delle Jacobs

ISBN: 1-59998-883-6Length: NovelPrice: 5.50Publication Date: March 4, 2008Cover art by Anne Cain
It’s only a restorative tonic for women. So why are the bachelors of the Ton running scared?
The Earl of Vailmont, a confirmed bachelor who laughs at superstition, scoffs at the rumors that a love potion is behind the recent string of improbable marriages, and he vows to expose the charlatan behind the fraud. But when Val meets Sylvia, Lady Ashbroughton, her silver-green eyes set his soul spinning as if he has just encountered a witch.
Sylvia needs no handsome earls prying into her life. If Val learns of her secret trade in potions, she will be ruined and her beloved stepdaughter will be deprived of her Season. Worse, the earl could uncover Sylvia’s most shameful secret—her penchant for handsome men. To ward him off, she protects her fragile heart from unwanted new passion by wearing her family recipe in a locket.
But neither logic nor charms can combat the stubborn love that sweeps them into a whirl of unbridled passion.
And, from somewhere in the mists of time, a forgotten, nameless god is laughing.
Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex and unexpected bursts of side-splitting humor.

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