Loki's Daughters

A new cover for Loki's Daughters, for its upcoming re-release by Montlake Romance along with Fire Dance on Sept. 11.
The cover had an interesting development, beginning with keeping most of the parts of the previous one except the title font. Then every time I'd try a new element, it meant getting rid of a previous one. Maybe I'll go hunt up the intermediate stages so you can see the progression. The naked guy was my editor's idea. At first he was really tiny, to keep him in proportion with the ship. She wanted him bigger (don't we all?) But most of the longship had to be hidden anyway because there are proportion problems with it. The base for the ship is a fantasy construction of a Viking ship. I kept the eerie colors just because I love purple and green.

A friend thought he ought to have a sword in his hand. I said, "But he has no hands". Not a realistic cover, but I didn't want it to be.

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