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MY CURRENT WORKS IN PROGRESS (unfinished books) :

The covers here are mock-ups, and might or might not be used on the final book. (Why make covers for unfinished books? Because L love making covers, of course.) The books on this page are my works in progress, and are not finished or currently contracted (although there are in some cases contracts or plans being discussed).

For now I'm going back to writing Regencies, because I love them so much and have really missed working on them. But I won't forget about the medievals, I promise.


A Story set in the Peninsular War in Portugal and Spain.
Nearly finished, sort of a Richard Sharpe clashing head on with a really feisty Elizabeth Bennett. It's a story of deception and betrayal at its deepest level, but trust and love found where they were never expected. Told partly through letters, the story travels from Dorset, England to the Peninsular War against Napoleon raging in Spain and Portugal, but the story is not about the war.


As plain, penurious and blue-stocking as they come, Miss Lilly Fosbrooke has no thought of marriage, and in fact is looking forward to the time when she comes into her meager inheritance and can run her own life. Until horribly handsome Gabriel, Viscount Sylvaine starts treating her like the most beautiful woman on earth. 

But her romantic bubble bursts when she learns Gabe is only courting her because her wacky step-father has something Gabe wants badly. Humiliated at the falseness of Gabe's courtship, Lilly and her other on-the-shelf friends form the Society of Plain Janes, Long Megs, Church Mice and Ape Leaders, intent on exacting revenge for all their humiliations against Gabriel and the rest of the arrogant gay blades of the Ton. Together, they make Lilly over into a diamond no man could resist.

They don't know that gorgeous, treacherous women have ruined everything for Gabe from the time he was a child. All he ever wanted was a normal life, plain, ordinary, bland as over-cooked flummery. A beautiful woman is the last thing in the world he wants. But, beauty or not, Gabe has no idea how much he'll come to crave Lilly's hidden dragon-like fire.

A Peninsular War Story
This is a widow's story

1,000 YEARS
I'm just getting started on this, but it's gnawing at my innards so I've got to get going!
At first I thought it would be four novellas about one hero/heroine, but now I'm seeing it as one long book in four parts.

A paranormal time-travel series jumping through time from the Norman Invasion to the Victorian Era. Think Mr. and Mrs. Smith in a fierce chase across the centuries.

Book 1: Curse
Norman England
Book 2: Pursuit
Plantagenet England
She's his most dangerous enemy, yet he can't resist her. She should flee him as far as time can take her. But she longs too much for him to find her. 

For his part in the Harrying of the North, the powerful and mysterious Celtic Cailleach, Ciara, curses the Norman knight, Achille, to live a thousand years with hellfire burning in the hole left when she stole the core of his soul to wear in a locket.

Book 3:
Renaissance Venice, Italy
Book 4:
Victorian England
Yet, perversely, she gives Achille the secret of passing through time, which he doesn't hesitate to use to hunt her down  and take back what she has stolen. 

And at the same time, Achille must somehow keep from losing his heart to his most dangerous enemy.                                                                                  

 A very new idea- a sequel to SIREN. Can't say anything more than that now.

I do know the first line:
"He was called Indigo for the color of his eyes."           

CAPTAIN JACK IS BACK  A Spicy Regency novella that is still a figment of my imagination. But it's in line to be started soon.

"There's mud on your boots, Captain Bonham. Again."

But only she and the captain knew what that really meant. And only she knew how much her life had really changed.
This is a stand-in cover-not quite
the way I envision the story

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