His Secret Heroine

Originally published as LADY VALIANT,
this traditional Regency is going through
a revision before I re-issue it. Although it
was a great enough book back in 2004, and
did quite well, I now know some things I didn't know

And then there's Reggie's yacht. A brig
was good enough for him then, but I
really want him to have a top-sail schooner
like Lynx, will have to use a different vessel for the cover.

And another odd thing: when I designed this cover, I knew this lovely blonde with determination in her eyes was perfect for my Perfect Heroine. Yet for some odd reason I didn't realize until others pointed it out to me- she looks almost like my daughter Lori, who could be emotionally and mentally the perfect model for The Perfect Heroine. Because NOBODY stops her when she sees that something must be done.